Ernie-Ball Musicman Stingray Classic

My first musicman! I've been wanting one since my very first bass lesson, because my teacher (Ghislain St-Pierre) had one.

But I did not wanted any musicman. I wanted the real deal: two-band EQ, old bridge with mutes, vintage (small) fretwire, etc...Basically I wanted an old one. Because the good ones are becoming harder and harder to find, I was patiently waiting for THE stingray to appear. And out of nowhere, the Musicman company came up with the Classic line which is essentially an old musicman but made with today's expertise and attention to detail. I jumped on the occasion and ordered my first Musicman!

So here it is: Classic Stingray 4, tobacco sunburst, birdseye maple neck and fingerboard, bridge with mutes, two-band EQ, vintage radius and small fretwire. The perfect Stingray!

The bass is super punchy and really stands out in the mix. This is THE bass that makes soundmen's happy!

Thanks to David Jolin of Musique Victor who made it possible.