Lakland Hollowbody

I've been looking for this bass since a long time! This color (inca silver) being discontinued, it's been harder and harder to find on the used market. I finally found a 2004 model in perfect condition!

The Lakland Hollowbody was designed by master luthier Mike Tobias (MTD) and Lakland. "From deep, authoritative notes reminiscent of an upright to aggressive and throaty sounds capable of cutting through as a solo voice, the Hollowbody is responsive, with a solid tonal center that many hollow basses lack."

This is by far the coolest looking bass I have. Everytime I use it I get nice comments about its look. It sure looks great but most importantly sounds great. Being hollowbody, the notes have a certain air around them which makes this bass perfect for many styles where a special sound is wanted.

The Bartolini pickups (custom-designed for this bass) works magic. The bass is presently strung with Sadowsky Blue label nickel roundwounds.

Thanks to Lakland and Mike Tobias for the great design.

Thanks to Roger Sadowsky for providing me with the strings on this bass.