Cable shootout

Here's a little experiment I've been wanting to do since a long time. I recorded some grooves on different basses using four different types of instrument cables of all prices.

MTD-Bayou Kinal-Bayou Kramer-Bayou SX-Bayou
MTD-Monster Kinal-Monster Kramer-Monster SX-Monster
MTD-Zaolla Kinal-Zaolla Kramer-Zaolla SX-Zaolla
MTD-PlanetWaves Kinal-PlanetWaves Kramer-PlanetWaves SX-PlanetWaves

Technical info:

The basses:

  • MTD: Heir 5 string with OBP-3 preamp and Nordstrand (MM+J) pickups. Ash body, maple fingerboard. Strung with old MTD strings.
  • Kinal: MK5-B 5 string with Bartolini preamp and pickups. Alder body, pau ferro fingerboard. Strung with DR Lo-riders nickel.
  • Kramer: Focus 7000, passive 4 string strung with Thomastik-Infeld flatwounds. P+JJ pickups.
  • SX: SJB-75C, 4 string passive with Dimarzio pickups, strung with old DR Sunbeams. Ash body, maple fingerboard.

The cables:

  • Bayou: 12', canare GS-6 cable, neutrik connectors.
  • Monster: 12', Prolink - Monster Bass.
  • Zaolla: G-10, 10'.
  • Planet Waves: PW-G-10, 10', custom serie.


  • Bass to Aguilar DB900 DI into Lexicon Alpha USB soundcard direct to Cubase LE. No compression or any EQ added. No mastering or level adjustment (which explain the overall low volume of the clips).