A professional bass player from Montreal (Canada), Martin Letendre was born in Drummondville and started playing bass at age 13. He was very fortunate to have a great music program in high school and had private lessons from the start.

Among the years Martin had the chance to study with some of the best players in Canada, including Alain Caron, Sylvain Bolduc (Celine Dion) and Guy Boisvert. Those persons not only taught him how to become a great player, but most importantly to act like a professional.

In order to pursue his music career, Martin moved to Montreal in 2000. Since then he's doing freelance work with many artists, bands of all styles and studio work. Martin sincerely enjoys having the chance to play with some of the best musicians of the Montreal scene, and being involved in so many different projects is a true musical gift for him.

He had the chance to tour Europe in 2000, 2004 and 2008, playing events like the Montreux Jazz Festival and also the Vienne and Fribourg Jazz Festivals in France and Switzerland. In Canada, Martin has played the Montreal Jazz Festival, Francofolies, Montreal Drum Fest and toured the province of Quebec more than a few times. He truly enjoys being on the road and thinks that travelling playing music is a chance that musicians have.

Since 2005 Martin is a partner at Studio Kaboom, a recording studio for singers/songwriters where the studio also provides professional musicians to the artist. Martin does all the bass tracks and also co-produce some of the recordings. For him, this is an exceptional chance to work with a wide range of artists from different music styles while helping upcoming artists.

For 9 years, he also teached his instrument privately in a specialized in music high school, training many of today's young bassists while also conceiving the electric bass program approved by the ministry of education.

For 5 years, Martin also got a solid experience by having the position of touring director, stage manager and band gear for the artist Alain-Francois.

In 2006 and 2007, Martin was also chosen as a clinician and product specialist for Ashdown bass amplifiers and MTD basses, playing at music industry shows like the MIAC and SSSIM, both Canadian shows associated to the NAMM.

Since 2007, he's also involved in Victoriaville en Chansons, a singer/songwriter contest where Martin plays in the house band and also judge the auditions.

In February 2008, Martin was lucky enough to be profiled in Bass Player magazine (USA). Later in the same year, he was also involved in composing and recording the music for the movie Mr. Kovacs.

Finally, since a few years Martin had the chance to work with many of Quebec's most renowned artists such as: Marc Déry, Dumas, Ima, Florence K, Jonas, William Deslauriers, David Jalbert, Wilfred Lebouthillier, Pascal Chaumont, Stéphanie Bédard, Marco Calliari, Dawn Tyler Watson and Les Chick 'N Swell.

Since 2012, Martin is endorsed by SIT strings.