Aero vs Lakland single coil pickups

I always wanted to compare the new Lakland single coil pickups to the Aero that used to be standard in the Lakland Darryl Jones bass.

Here's the result:

Aero-both pickups Lakland-both pickups
Aero-neck Lakland-neck
Aero-bridge Lakland-bridge

I recommend to download all the clips and put them in a playlist (in Windows Media player for example) in order to hear the differences between them.

Honestly, to me, they sound extremely close to each other...

Technical info:

The bass:

  • Lakland DJ4; 2007, rosewood fingerboard. Strings are S.I.T Power Steel.

The cable:

  • Bayou: 12', canare GS-6 cable, neutrik connectors.


  • Bass to Aguilar DB900 DI into Lexicon Alpha USB soundcard direct to Cubase LE. No compression or any EQ added.